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Spirit of the Ancestors

Malawi Woman

Malawi Woman

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Malawi woman sculpture carved from solid mahogany.

Artist: Unknown

Country of Origin: Malawi, Africa

City/Region: Mangochi is a township in the Southern Region of Malawi.


Size: Height: 18.5" Width: 9" Depth: 9.5"

Weight: 25 lbs.

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Indigenous art from

Malawi, Africa

The Art from Malawi, Africa, is a diverse and vibrant expression of the country's culture and history. The art produced in Malawi includes traditional forms such as sculpture, textiles, and ceramics, as well as contemporary styles such as painting, photography, and mixed media. Malawian artists often draw inspiration from their surroundings, including the natural landscape, wildlife, and daily life. Many artists in Malawi use their work to address social and political issues, including poverty, corruption, and human rights. Overall, art from Malawi is a powerful tool for storytelling, cultural preservation, and community building.

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